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An innovative and exciting company
specialising in marine decorating in
partnership with industry leaders worldwide.

Introducing Mersey Marine Interiors

Our Director, Dave Gouldson, leverages his extensive 25+ years of experience and expertise to meticulously select teams of highly skilled tradesmen who are capable of successfully executing even the most challenging projects.

Over the years, we have accomplished numerous cruise, ferry, and naval ship refurbishment projects across various renowned international dockyards.

At Mersey Marine Interiors, we take immense pride in our ability to deliver each project with utmost precision. Our workforce undergoes rigorous training to ensure that they apply a meticulous attention to detail to every task they undertake.

We can assemble a team of up to 30 decorators, all of whom are trained to the highest standard, and deploy them to any location worldwide at short notice.

MMI assumes full responsibility for project managing the decorating aspect of any project, thereby relieving our clients of any unnecessary stress.

Rest assured, we will deliver your project on time, within budget, and according to your unique specifications.

Marine Decorators: Enhancing the Beauty of Cruise Ships

Cruise ships are not just floating hotels; they are luxurious and extravagant vessels that offer a unique experience to their passengers. One key element contributing to these magnificent ships’ overall ambience and aesthetics is the work of marine decorators.

Marine decorators are crucial in transforming cruise ship interiors into captivating spaces that enchant and amaze passengers. They meticulously plan and execute the decoration of various areas onboard, including cabins, restaurants, lounges, theatres, and public spaces.

One of the challenges marine decorators face is the unique environment of a cruise ship. They must consider the ship’s movement, limited space, and the need for durability and resistance to saltwater’s corrosive effects.

The impact of marine decorators’ work can greatly influence passengers’ perception of their cruise experience. A beautifully decorated ship creates a sense of luxury, comfort, and relaxation, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the journey. The careful attention to detail and the creation of visually stunning spaces contribute to creating unforgettable memories for passengers.

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